Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Versatility of Google Slides

Not only does Google Slides allow you to work in real time, collaborate with others, but it allows for an endless amount of creativity and originality. I have been using Google Slides for several years now and have yet to be limited by the by the graphic design and presentation features. I consistently use Google Slides in my middle school environment to allow students flexibility and choice. I personally find it allows the diversity of student learners to feel successful with their learning and helps develop and promote powerful digital literacies in students.

The following are 10 Google Slide ideas for the modern day classroom:

Google Tip: Use your Google Search filters to find large copyright free backgrounds and wallpapers for your sign patterns.

Google Tip: Customize the size of your posters in Google Slides (File>Page Setup) to develop any size poster for your classroom. Google Slides can even make posters several feet long on either dimension!

Google Tip: Have students collaborate in the same Google Slide document to create a publishable anthology. The revision history tool will also allow you to see the exact contributions of each student. The anthology can then be published to a Google Site as a rotating slideshow.

Google Tip: Encourage students to complete all written work in Google Docs prior to inserting in Google Slides via Text boxes. This ensures stronger collaborative editing and polishing.

Google Tip: Work in layers when creating a graphic design. Start with a solid background and keep building with desired shapes and banners. You can also create a shadow effect by duplicating a shape, colouring one black and one white and layering slightly offset from one another.

Google Tip: Take advantage of the Explore tool directly in Google Slides to search pre-filtered information from the internet. This also allows information to be directly sourced right into your document. (Under “Tools” in the main panel).

Google Tip: Encourage students to collaborate together to create a powerful Slide Deck on a cause they feel strongly about. Images will transparent backgrounds (Google Search Tool) help create sharper looking visuals (especially if you are using a coloured background).

Google Tip: Turn down the transparency on images to create a more subtle effect, which then also increases the visual power of the text. You can also use the rectangle tool to create a slightly transparent overlay. (Click custom under the fill color palette options).

Google Tip: Use the curved connector tool under the line to connect shapes on your Google Slide. There is also an elbow connector tool if you perfect more geometric looking flowcharts or graphic organizers.

Google Tip: Share your creative and original Google Slide Graphic Designs by integrating them directly into your Google Sites! Very simple and easy to do!

Emma Cottier
Certified Google Trainer
Middle School Teacher & Technology Support
Saanich School District 63
Twitter: @EmmaCottier

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