Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Reading Fun with Google!

I was in the middle of reading Social LEADia by Jennifer Casa-Todd when I heard my sister ask Fiona, my nine-year-old niece, to make a list of the books she had read so far this summer. Instead of a paper list, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to teach her how to use Google Slides, YouTube and to discuss the positive use of social media.

Before getting started, we talked about digital footprints and how this use of technology and social media could help others. We used my account (we are on the waiting list for Family Link) to create a Google Slides, one book per slide. We worked on the Slides on a desktop as it was easier to teach formatting options and how to edit on a larger screen. Fiona used my phone to take pictures of the covers of the books she read. We uploaded them to Photos to make importing to Slides easy. Fiona also used my phone to record herself reviewing the books. We talked about the different privacy settings on YouTube and chose to upload as unlisted, creating an unlisted playlist of the video reviews.

Link to Fiona's Slide Deck
From there, Fiona learned how to design slides, add and format text, import graphics (5-star reviews), change colors of stars, and import pictures and videos. When her third-grade teacher asks her what she read this summer, she will be able to share her summer reading as a link, or a QR code!

Kathleen Currie Smith
Teacher Librarian
Connecticut, U.S.A

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