Monday, August 7, 2017

Pathway to Certification Webinar- EdTechTeam Live

Last Wednesday, Kate Petty, Sean Williams, Jenny Reynolds and I reviewed our Pathway to Certification on the Teaching & Learning Team's monthly webinar.

You can view the 40 minute Youtube Live Event at and the resources from the panel at

Not only did we discuss the Level 1, Level 2, Certified Trainer and Certified Innovator certifications, but we talked about why educators would want to pursue these.

For additional information, please visit the Google for Education Training Center.

Next month's webinar: Technology to Support English Language Learners on September 13 at 4pm PST. Follow @LThumann and @EdTechTeam on Twitter for more information.

And as always, remember you can bring any and all of this to your school or district by filling out our request form at

To see the archive of all our Teaching & Learning monthly webinars visit our Youtube playlist.

Lisa Thumann
Senior Director
Teaching and Learning
Google Certified Trainer & Innovator
New Jersey, U.S.A

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