Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One Year Later: 2nd Cohort of New Innovators Finish Their Yearlong Cohort

The #COL16 Cohort from Boulder, Colorado of #GoogleEI Innovators has completed their yearlong support towards completing an Innovation Project after the Innovation Academy last June. Cohort members met this last month to share some of their projects and next steps, and here’s a few great highlights to get you involved and inspired.


“It's been amazing having the opportunity to seek out others in the cohort as a resource.  My entire career, I've been on an "island" or worked in districts with closed mindsets when it comes to teaching with technology.  Even schools who went 1:1 still stressed counterproductive practices.  Being hooked into this community helped keep me in an innovative place and really grow both within and outside of my workplace.”

Screenshot 2017-08-02 at 4.10.39 AM.png
Dan Sharpe
Mentor: Justine Driver
BadgeU aims to reclaim your classroom through intrinsic self motivation by capturing those moments that grades could never capture. Things like kindness, empathy, tenacity and creativity can now be acknowledged, celebrated and captured using a digital badge!

Innovator: Stephanie Filardo
Mentor: Joanna Sanders
A resource to help parents understand GSuite for Edu and how their child may use it at school.

Innovator: Brooke Whitlow
An initiative designed to provide opportunities to expose and empower young girls in STEM related fields and inspire them with positive, female STEM mentors.

Innovator: Shelanna Sturgess
Mentor: Fanny Passeport

Play is a universal, engaging teaching practice. I have a created a website that hosts a series of game templates that teachers can copy and adapt for their own teaching practice. Play is a powerful teaching and learning practice, because all cultures in the world play games and most students love to learn through play.

Innovator: Mike Filipetti
Mentor: Sylvia Duckworth
In order to help preserve the Ojibway Language, I have created a project to add the use of Ojibway Syllabics to Google Input Tools.  This would allow users worldwide, access to type in traditional Ojibway Syllabics.

Innovator: Steven Hopper
Mentor: Dan Leighton

Why do calls for "redefined" teaching and learning remain unanswered, even after the introduction of 1:1 devices? Are educators prepared to design instruction for digital classrooms? Discover how the Technology Integration Planning Cycle (Hutchinson & Woodward, 2013) can prepare teachers to think differently about lesson design in a 1:1 environment.

Innovator: Melissa Oliver
Mentor: Jeffrey Humphries
Create Accessibility is about Improving access of online media for people with disabilities by building awareness and resources regarding accessible design for educators and their students.

Innovator: Dee Lanier
Mentor: Isabel Moares
A Smashboard is a Hyperdoc that leads students through the design-thinking process, involves app-smashing, collaborative goal-setting, and iteration. The main objective is for learners to create a unique product that solves a real-world problem.

Innovator: Carlos Galvez
Mentor: Matt Hayes
Began by inspiring 2 young dancers at my school to form a crew.  I never told them it was me.  I actually made up a student who didn't really exist to motivate them through a gamified project.  The idea has morphed into thepassionincubator.com, a website for teachers to get inspired to start passion projects in their own schools and the final idea will be to create physical incubators in schools for teachers to handle the ideation process for these programs themselves.

Innovator: Tom Mullaney
Mentor: Delaine Johnson
Tom Mullaney has worked with students in grades four through twelve in urban, suburban, and rural schools during his fourteen years in education. On Sustainable Teaching, he talks with fellow educators about making the profession sustainable and the school day exciting for students.

Innovator: Jeremy McBrayer
Mentor: Aaron Slutsky
Linking community partners with students for the purpose of no strings attached WiFi access.

Innovator: Austin Houp
Mentor: Nate Gilhardt

Create A Collaborative Space For Students to: Explore Large Scale Questions, Categorize Completed Projects, & Ultimately provide students around the world the opportunity to work together collaboratively via ConnectEDU!

Innovator: Desiree Alexander
Mentor: Danielle Filas

Educator Alexander Consulting, LLC will create a worldwide network of educators focused on the constant and consistent improvement of education for our students.

Innovator: Patrick Donovan
Mentor: Scott Moss
Crowd sourcing examples of gamification models that are being used in classrooms or for teacher learning. The site (gamifyschool.com) has a form for teachers to quickly fill out in order to share out their model on the site. The site will be updated with resources and other information as more and more teachers share.

Part of being an Innovator is having an existing Innovator paired with you as a mentor; here’s a few great words about COL16 mentors!

 “Shaelynn was so helpful in getting me thinking about the early phases of my project and narrowing my focus to visual literacy. She also supported me in my new coaching role and provide some great resources for me to check out.”

 “Sylvia Duckworth has been so much more than a mentor to me...She is a total professional and a role model.”

 “Fanny helped with a book chapter that I wrote on gamification. I loved having someone I could talk to and ask questions. Fanny was always so inspiring and encouraging. I will be travelling to India to work on ERP system and I am hoping times line up so that I can meet Fanny in person.”

“She is amazing! She helped me so much and we worked so well together! She is the best!”

Check out the EDU Transformation Center Innovator Project Directory for even more great Innovation projects, and apply now for the next cohort in Sweden this October.

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