Wednesday, August 9, 2017

EdTechTeam Online Teacher Leader Cohort- Tells All!

Looking to make it your Best Year Yet?

Have you heard of the EdTechTeam Online Teacher Leader Cohort?

Here are 6 common questions the Teacher Leader Cohort alumni helped us answer!

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1. Too busy to go to another PD session or workshop?

As Ryan Clark (January 2017 cohort member) says, “The teacher cohort is a tremendous vehicle to professional development. Here are the reasons that it worked for me. The coursework fit within my hectic schedule as a father and professional. Courses were delivered in two week increments which was enough time to be flexible but not enough for me to be apathetic."

2. Is it affordable?

Ryan Clark goes on to say: "The cost of the cohort was a good financial value. Compared to other graduate credits I have earned, these credits were less expensive and had a more significant impact my pedagogy. The learning was personalized based on my choices. I could merely investigate material that was foreign to me or dive deeper into the topics that I was previously familiar with or that inspired me."

3. Think you already know how to flip a classroom?

Cory Kulak-Berndt (June 2017 cohort member) says: "I had always heard of the flipped classroom, however I saw it as listen to instruction at home and then complete questions etc. in the classroom. I did not see the potential for differentiation, short movies with questions embedded and the ability to collaborate and work on projects during class time. The flipped classroom allows students greater independence and activities they complete to have a lasting impact on their learning."

4. Will the courses even apply to me?

Amy Garoutte says: "I found every class useful and immediately applicable in improving the learning experience for my students. After the class, I try to apply at least one of the topics from the Teacher Leader program to each lesson. The knowledge I gained from the Teacher Leader program was truly and immediately transformational. This was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my teaching career!"

5. How will I expand my own PLN or grow as an educator if all the courses are online?

Debra Segiet says: "It was great to meet and collaborate with people from all over the world that could provide insight into how they teach certain concepts and share their resources. I learned so much and have expanded my personal learning community and toolbox of resources! This experience has inspired me to constantly reflect on my teaching and make changes where applicable...and to feel confident that I have a community of support when I need assistance in making those changes!"

6. Which course has had the biggest impact in your teaching career?

Shelley Emslie: "Although the every course was fantastic, Visual Literacy, had a profound impact on my teaching. I may be aging myself here, but when I was in school and communicating with my friends, we read textbooks and passed handwritten notes in the halls after class. We did not have Snapchat, Instagram, or any social media. As I watched my daughter the two weeks of that course, I realized she did in fact, mostly communicate through pictures, not words. We, as teachers, need to help our students decipher messages visually, in addition to teaching the core subjects. "

Tracy Purdy
Director of Online Learning
Google Certified Innovator
and Trainer
Minnesota, U.S.A

Dominque Dynes
Director of Professional Development
Latin America
Google Certified Innovator and Trainer
Guadalajara, Mexico

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