Thursday, July 6, 2017

Makers Gonna' Create: S.T.E.A.M Smashing

Here is a fun project that integrates visual arts, music, and coding. Students create an interactive artwork that plays music when different parts of the picture are touched. First, they create a painting that has four distinct moods or variations on a theme. Next, they compose four matching musical pieces in Garageband. Then, they add conductive paint to their painting so that a Makey Makey can connect their image to a computer. Finally, they write a simple code in Scratch to tell the computer which song to play when different parts of the painting are touched.

Below is a slideshow that has more samples of finished projects, instructions, and assessment.

Class sharing their projects with intended audience

Student Sample 1

Tina Surdivall
Teacher Librarian
Grade 7 teacher
Toronto, Ontario
Twitter handle: @Tina_Surdivall

Justin McMillan
Music teacher
Toronto District School Board
Twitter: @MrMcMillan8B

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