Thursday, July 20, 2017

EdTechTeam Live: iPads in the Elementary Classroom Webinar Archive

Last Wednesday, Tracy Purdy, Ben Friesen, Angela Gadtke and I had a blast sharing resources for using iPads in the elementary classroom on our Teaching & Learning Team's monthly webinar.

Angela went over some tips for getting started with iPads and then dove into Seesaw. Ben demonstrated Pic Collage for us and discussed how to use the app to capture artifacts of learning. Tracy shared Chatterkid. The live chat exploded with ideas on how to use it. Audience participation was phenomenal!

You can view the 50 minute Youtube Live Event HERE

You can get the resources from the panel at

Next month's webinar: Pathway to Certification on August 2. RSVP at or just follow @LThumann and @EdTechTeam on Twitter for more information.

And as always, remember you can bring any and all of this to your school or district by filling out our request form at

To see the archive of all our Teaching & Learning monthly webinars visit our Youtube playlist.

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