Monday, June 26, 2017

Top Ten Screencastify Tips

1. Extension for Chrome

This chrome extension lets you create screencasts
directly from your browser on your laptop or
desktop. Capture audio and video easily.

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2. Install on your laptop or desktop

> Go to
> Click on the blue button ‘Free’
> Accept the terms

Install >

3. What you Need

There are a few things your laptop/desktop
will need in order to create a screencast:

> a built in camera or a web cam
> a built in or external microphone

4. Record Your Screen

> Click on the film icon located at the top
right in the extensions section of your
browser to start your recording.
> Select screen preference
> Click on ‘Share’

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5. Capture Yourself

You can activate your camera to
capture yourself on the screen.

>Click on the film icon
> Select ’Webcam’ from ...

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6. Annotate over your Screencast

Click on the film icon to start your recording

> Select the ‘Tab’ option
> Under video > Select three dots
> Check ‘Show Tab Drawing Tools’

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7. Locating your Screencasts

Your screencasts are saved to your Google Drive if
you selected Drive when installing the extension.

You can also upload directly to
your account.

Go to

> Locate the Screencastify folder
in your main Drive

Go to

> My Channel > Video Manager

8. Teacher Ideas

Here are a few ideas for using
Screencastify in your classroom:

> Grade an assignment
> Record activity prompts
> Leave substitute a message
> Leave students a message
> Lesson Intro
> Send parents a video message
> Send parents instructions
> Tutorials
> Explain a concept
> Lecture/Lesson
> Activity Instructions

9. Free v. Premium

Record up to 10 minutes of footage
and 50 videos per month on the free

Want more? Check out the premium
features at

10. Student Uses

> Record reflections of work
> Digital Presentation
> Explain a concept or process
> Share your opinion on a topic
> Video Introductions
> Record a science experiment
> Practice your speech or debate
> Share your story

Screencastify Ideas

By educators from South Plains Summit 2017

  • Mini-lessons on difficult content
  • Use for quick explanations for professional development activities.
  • Station expectations
  • I can use this to explain hard to do items so that they can see the instructions and not have to ask me 10 million times
  • Station directions
  • Student creation and explanation of content
  • Proving Text: Have students Read a short passage, highlight text
  • Beginning of school year, teacher expectations so students and parents will know expectations
  • Part of my sub plan. Share what the students should be working on and what it looks like as well as possible troubleshooting
  • Recording student dialog for Spanish class
  • Students could solve an equation and provide a reflection explaining their work.
  • Going to use this to record lessons for students who are absent -- did use just straight video and post to Classroom but this will be great
  • To help absent students get caught up on the work they missed during class
  • Student explanations for projects
  • Use Screencastify in connection with Google Draw to have students explain their steps in a Math problem
  • Students will use this with presentations
  • Back to school PD as an exit ticket to retell learning

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