Friday, June 9, 2017

Hacks for the Math Classroom

Wednesday night was a blast during the Hacks for the Math Classroom webinar. We were thrilled to have EdTechTeam's Emily Fitzpatrick, John McGowan from TextHelp and Kyle Pearce on the panel.

You can view the 50 minute Youtube Live Event at:

You can get the resources from the panel at:

Emily spent some time going over Creating Math Manipulatives In Google Docs with the Power of Drawings. She even shared a force copy of an example for viewers to use.

John shared Texthelp's new EquatIO - Math made digital! You can find it in the Chrome Webstore. He blew everyone away with all the amazing features.

Kyle demonstrated Knowledgehook. About 50 of us joined him in a session and enjoyed every minute of the gameshow he had set up!

As always, remember you can bring any and all of this to your school or district by filling out our request form at

The archive of all our Teaching & Learning monthly webinars can be found at Every month a different topic and each time a give-away! This month's prize was a free course from EdTechTeam Online.

Lisa Thumann
Senior Director
Teaching and Learning
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New Jersey, U.S.A

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