Tuesday, May 16, 2017

EdTechTeam Live: You Don't Know Geo!

We had a great time at the "You Don't Know Geo!" webinar last week. There was a quite a guest list including several EdTechTeamers, John Bailey from Google's GEO Education team, Donnie Piercey from the GEO Education Trainer Network, Micah Shippee who spoke about "Using Big (Globally-Big) Data to draw Inferences and Conclusions about Human Activity" and Kelly Kermode who has just launched an online course, "Creating Global Learners with Geo Tools: An Introduction" with us.

You can view the 50 minute Youtube Live Event at

You can view the resources from the panel at edtech.team/youdontknowgeowebinar

Two action items from the webinar you MUST check out!

Our EdTechTeam Online directors also shared the following two Just In Time GEO courses launched last week:

A Brand New Earth
With the recent unveiling of the New Google Earth, we are excited about the possibilities to help you bring the world into your classroom. This course will provide you with a hands-on guide to the features of New Google Earth and multiple lesson plan ideas that you can start implementing with your students today!

Creating Global Learners with Geo Tools: An Introduction
We live and work in a global society, and yet for many students their frame of reference is a very small community or neighborhood. Expand their horizons by including Google’s Geo tools and apps so students can grow their understanding of how they fit in the global landscape. By getting kids creating we can better see how they are building skill sets and interpreting content to become global citizens. We will explore a variety of maker activities that involve geo tools, including Google Maps and Google MyMaps. Sample projects will be shared, and you will build models and plan future opportunities for your students.

And always, remember you can bring any and all of this to your school or district by filling out our request form at https://www.edtechteam.com/request/.

The archive of all our Teaching & Learning monthly webinars can be found at https://www.edtechteam.com/professional-learning-workshops/.

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