Thursday, May 25, 2017

3 Books Every Educator Should Know About!

You may have heard about HyperDocs, seen the chatter around Twitter about Dive Into Inquiry, or even been to a Google Infused Classroom session at an EdTechTeam Summit. 

But did you know that the authors of these three books are trying to revolutionize PD?
The authors wanted to try something new in PD. Something that would bring lasting change. They got together, spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas - and concepts - that would completely transform how educators learn the ideas in their books.

After testing a few hypotheses and crumpling up a bunch of average ideas and throwing them in the trash, they came up with the Deep Dive Coaching model of PD. This summer (summer in the US and Winter in Sydney) we will implement these new ideas working with cohorts of teachers to make sure the ideas in the books stick and bring lasting change to classrooms.

This model combines online with in-person; content with coaching - and was designed around the idea that we all need help tweaking our learning experiences - and we need a coach, and a team, to help us do it!

In the US the stops will be in Portland July 20, Austin July 25, Chicago July 27 and NYC August 1 and it all starts in  beautiful Sydney, Australia - July 6th.
How we will  achieve this transformational PD? It starts with the participants and they have two options to choose from:

Leadership Cohort Option:
Participants will start online coaching classes in June and July with the deep dive day coming next. Next, cohorts will meet in each city to do a Deep Dive into the book - a hands-on day  with the author. This will be followed by two coaching sessions where the authors will coach participants through the tweaks that we hope will bring the lasting change that everyone is after. Applications for this cohort have closed but contact if you want to sneak in at the last moment.

Deep Dive - Coaching Option: 
These participants will come to the deep dive - and do all the hands-on work with the authors. Then they will go back to school try out their new learning and get coaching tweaks from the online coaching courses that will follow in the next two months.
You can still sign up or apply for one of these options!

We are excited to make this summer, something new in PD, something fun and something that will build communities of learning -  and classrooms of change!

Holly Clark, EdTechTeam
Educational Strategist and Head of Publishing
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