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Word Silhouette Project with iPad

I love providing students with the chance to express themselves and dig deeper into what makes them special people. In this project, we are taking an old concept and redefining it with technology. Using multiple applications to create a dynamic perspective of student identity.

A few years back I wrote a book highlighting this fun project, which is available in iBooks Express Yourself: The Art of Me. The original project utilized Mac and iPad, but I have changed it up to use iPad only for classrooms that may only have access to iPads. Hope you enjoy version 2 of this very fun and engaging project. I have divided this project into three parts: inspiration, application, and publication.


The project begins with students writing adjectives to describe their classmates. They wrote these words on paper taped to each other’s backs so they couldn’t see. Once they took the papers off, students were able to see how others see them. Smart, funny, confident, athletic, caring, sensitive, hard worker, kind, brave, and creative were just a few words to describe some of my amazing students. After reading the words, I asked students to circle five words which were their favorite. We set the papers aside and began the second part of this project.


Camera App: The first step to this project is taking a profile photo in front of a white or other solid colored wall. This will make it easier to create the silhouette. Remind students to stand so their profile is showing. They can also add a fun pose with their arms away from their bodies.

Drawing Pad: Next, students open up the app, Drawing Pad. They insert their profile photo and use the tools to carefully paint black over their photo to create a silhouette. Once they have painted over their entire picture, they can choose a background color. This will enhance how their photo appears once imported into Wordfoto. Students will save their creations to the camera roll for the next part.

Wordfoto: After opening Wordfoto, students will import their silhouette photo. They will tap on the text button and type in the five favorite words they chose. Next, they will see their words beautifully expressed on their silhouette. Students can change the font, colors, styles, and experiment with fine-tuning their image to their liking. Save this to the camera roll.

Visual steps:

What next? PUBLISH!
Don’t let the images die on the iPad! SHARE these! Here are some ideas:

  • Have students Airdrop their pictures to one iPad or computer and create a video with all of the photos.
  • Have students do a voiceover on their individual photos and read their words.
  • Publish this video and share with the world!
  • Create a photo slideshow and share!
  • Print photos and display in hallway of the school.
  • Send photos to parents. I’ve done this and several parents had these photos blown up and framed to put in their child’s room.
  • Make a collage of photos and share on social media

Final project examples:


Express Yourself: The Art of Me:
Drawing Pad:

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