Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Classroom Rewind

Movie making and digital storytelling do not have to be multi-class activities. They can be done in minutes and be a great way to recap classroom learning. A great app to try for iPhone and iPad is YouTube Capture. It is possible to shoot, compile, edit and upload to the web in minutes and you should even be able to cobble together enough student devices even if you are not in a 1:1. YouTube Capture takes all the complexity out of digital storytelling. You can do some lightweight editing like trimming clips, add music and upload straight from your device (or export to your camera roll). This is an advantage because it will keep your students from spending all their time on themes, transitions and keep the focus on what they are saying, learning or showing.

Encourage your students to be documentarians of their learning. Capture video of science labs, art projects, poetry clips, proper phy-ed techniques, paper note sheets, or even main ideas in a lecture. All of those digital artifacts sitting on camera rolls can then become content for students to mix and remix into classroom rewinds. YouTube is famous for their year-end YouTube Rewind and you can take a page out of their book by having your students recap and reflect on their learning (minus the high production value) at the end of a unit or lesson. Take all those learning experiences and synthesize them into one classroom rewind.

Power tips:

*Teach your kids about the rule of thirds when filming.
*Set privacy to unlisted to allow for easy sharing.
*You can skip posting to YouTube by exporting finished videos directly to the camera roll (this can be a little tricky).
*Another piece of advice...give up the does not have to be perfect.
*Turn down the volume on the music so it does not overpower the audio in the video clip.
*Have students submit video links to a Google Form so they can watch other video and review from each other’s videos.

Ben Friesen
Director of Professional Development
Ed Tech Team
Google Certified Innovator
Minneapolis, MN

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