Friday, April 7, 2017

Lions, Tigers and Myths, Oh MY! WeVideo & Google Slides

A collaborative effort between me and 6th grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Maass, (Lakeview Jr. High, Downers Grove, IL) resulted in an awesome project using an appsmash of Google Slides and WeVideo. Mrs. Maass has students do the following before actually beginning the Slides/WeVideo portion of the project:

  • brainstorm ideas
  • have students use this graphic organizer to map out the plot
  • write the story
  • storyboard it using this Google Doc
  • do a peer check before diving into the Slides portion of the project

The students then create their Myth in Slides using some pre-selected pictures (since searching for things like Gods and Goddesses can return some less than desirable results). Slides Pics 1, Slides Pics 2

These picture galleries are shared in Google Classroom as “view only” as students just need to be able to copy from there to paste into their presentation. Once the myth has been created in Slides, students download the slides as .jpg files.

These .jpg files are uploaded to WeVideo. Students drag the .jpgs onto the timeline, add background music and then add their voice-over of them reciting the myth. Of course, the creativity of the students is truly amplified, as students are able to utilize the drawing and text features in slides, as well as transitions, graphic overlays, sound effects, and various additional text features within WeVideo.

Here is a very basic sample we use to help students to understand how the project unfolds with first the Slides presentation and then the background music and voice-over within the WeVideo movie. Empathina’s Frozen Waters Slides Presentation, Empathina’s Frozen Waters Final Movie Of course, the student projects are much more well developed and “professional” than our sample!! : )

Want to check out how this lesson design links to the CCSS? Check out this link!

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