Monday, April 17, 2017

20 to Watch- Lisa Highfill

Every year National School Boards Association (NSBA) celebrates 20 educators who demonstrate innovative practices, ones to keep your eye on for the next twenty years. Lisa Highfill is that educator you’ll want to watch. But she is just being herself - a passionate, curious, effective teacher and leader.

Lisa Highfill is one to watch, always has been and always will be. She has always challenged herself to stay progressive, stay innovative, and stay curious.

As a classroom teacher for over 20 years, she was constantly bringing new things into her classroom - from Caine’s Arcade Cardboard Challenge to using Google Maps to learn about European Explorers, you name it. But she seems to always be ahead of the curve, discovering things and trying them out before others catch on! That is part of what makes her special, her willingness to jump in when things are new and unpopular. She was a YouTube Star Teacher before most people even knew how to use YouTube in the classroom, and she continues to seek out meaningful video to drive meaningful lessons. First to the punch, Lisa has an eagerness about her, a desire to stay relevant!

As an Instructional Coach, she encourages other teachers to strive for the same greatness she did in her own classroom. Her focus is always on students and good teaching. Lisa works with educators internationally to rethink traditional, lecture-style teaching methods. She has always asked this driving question, “what is it we can do now that we couldn’t do before?” Lisa puts her heart into working with teachers, who ultimately impact students. There is no way to measure the amount of students she has reached by way of inspiring the teachers she touches.

As a co-creator of HyperDocs, Lisa works hard to connect educators and develop open ed resources. She shines when she shares her own edtech stories, and it has been so fun to watch her develop Blended Learning Academy within Pleasanton Unified, but also connect educators around the globe!

It has been so fun to work closely with someone who pushes us individually to think and rethink about how we teach with technology. This honor is no surprise to us, but it sure is an honor to celebrate Lisa and the growth of HyperDocs!

Proud co-creators of HyperDocs and grateful friends,
Sarah and Kelly

Sarah Landis
Instructional Coach
Co-creator of #Hyperdocs

Kelly Amick Hilton
Instructional Coach
Co-creator of #Hyperdocs

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