Monday, March 20, 2017

Tippy Text. Bigger, Badder Borders.

The Google Sheets team made a lot of people very happy recently. There were exclamations of joy, “Yasss!”, “Finally…” and “I thought this day would never come.” All of this kerfuffle was because The-Powers-That-Can on the Google Sheets team gave us a gift...the gift...of Tippy Text. The hands down winners in that age old “Ya-but-it-can’t-do ______” argument against Sheets were that Excel has better borders and it can turn text on its side. Tipping it at an angle...even straight up and down sideways! Who knew that this little feature would have such a major impact and be so wanted by #sheetsgeeks globally. Those arguments against Sheets are no longer valid with three new features that have been added.

Accounting and financial number formats

Move the dollar sign to the the left. This makes values easier to read. Unfortunately, it only seems to work for DOLLARS, and not all of us use $ for our currencies. It does put (braces, brackets, or parentheses) around negative numbers. I think it’s kind of like giving a hug to the negatives out there. They could use a good cuddle.

Big. Bad. Borders.

Thin, Thick, Medium, Dotted, Dashed or Doubled. Any color you can imagine. It’s like Waffle House for #sheetsgeeks. Customize your borders so that they are just right and visually communicate what you want them to.

You have more choice now. Please use these carefully and purposefully. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

A tip of your text

Reading left to right can be boring. Sometimes it’s fun to tilt your head to the left a bit and read text as it’s going uphill. It sounds quite useless and cumbersome to some. But the space savers among us hate it when the header of a column is too long and you can’t squeeze it down to the size of the data...lots of wasted space. If you could just tilt it all would be right with the unit again. Now column headers can be tilt anywhere from 90º to -90º. Save some room and tilt that text. There are some added cool features, like fill colors and some strange behaviours, like left-right text alignment or top-bottom of cells. Have a play to get a feel. Set your text to 48º, because you can.

Now go ahead and get creative in this template. Maybe even use Sheets to display your poetry about riding bikes up and down hills.

Jay Atwood
Regional Director
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Sydney, Australia

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