Thursday, March 9, 2017

Google Arts and Culture

Ok everyone, download the Google Arts and Culture app on your phone. You’ll want to look at it daily because it always features a daily digest and stories of the day. It is great fodder for classroom trivia and current events on a wide variety of topics. Want more? Keep scrolling and check out the virtual tours. Wander famous galleries, world wonders or historical places by tapping the screen, or put your phone in a EdTechTeam cardboard to take it to the next level. There are almost 3,000 virtual tours listed.

There is always a Featured Project too that brings together the best videos, art, artifacts, virtual tours and more into one organized collection. Make sure you search to see what classroom connections you might find.

One of my favorite features is Zoom Views. You can explore various artifacts in ultra high resolution, like the Rosa Parks Bus or The Starry Night. Dig into the menus or search to filter by historical events, figures and places and then start favoriting content and curate your own collections. Don’t just tell them, show them, and let your students explore.

Check it out Google Arts and Culture on iOS and Android or at

Benjamin Friesen
Director of Professional Development
Google Certified Innovator
Minneapolis, MN

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