Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Just in Time! Global Collaboration in the Classoom

As a third grade student, I remember the excitement in the air the day we received our pen pal letters. We had waited for months to hear from kids in another state. It was our chance to exchange letters with someone else our age and have a voice as we shared with a “genuine audience” about our lives as 8 year olds. Even though we only exchanged letters a couple times throughout the school, this pen pal exchange offered me a chance to connect with students in another part of the country. It was something out of the ordinary amidst the textbooks and workbooks that so often filled our school day.

What if you could provide your students a chance to connect with other students around the world several times throughout the year as you incorporate global collaboration into your classroom? We live in a time in which we truly can invite the world into our classrooms and make the learning authentic and come to life (more than twice a year)!

Interested in learning more about how to get started with making your first global connections or expanding the work you are already doing? Join us for a brand new “Just in Time” course launching in February on “Global Collaboration”. In this 15 hour course you will learn at your own pace about implementing strategies that will connect yourself and your students with the world. You can earn 1 graduate credit for this course as well! If you are interested in taking the EdTechTeam Online Global Collaboration course, click here to register. Use promo code "sneakpreview" for a 10% discount. This promotion expires on March 15, 2017.

For a Sneak Preview to our Global Collaboration Course, join us live on Wednesday, March 1st at 12pm CST to get a better idea of the course! RSVP here.

Interested in a different course? Our "Just in Time" self-paced courses are perfect for the flexible learner with 15 hours of work and an optional graduate credit. To learn more about our self-paced courses, click here.

For a taste of one of our courses, watch this Hangout on Air with CEO Mark Wagner as he discusses the importance of Global Collaboration and Community.

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