Tuesday, February 28, 2017

G Suite Top 10 Music Tools- Web and Mobile

1. VexTab Music Notation

Input music directly into Google docs! This Docs
add-on lets you render standard music notation,
drum notation, and guitar tablature in your
documents using the VexTab notation language.

Link to Add On: goo.gl/MyufY1

Tutorial: www.vexow.com/vextab/tutorial.html


UJAM offers online software that allows you to record
and produce your own song. UJAM is cloud-based,
no download is required.

Add to Google Drive goo.gl/OujgNj

Link: www.ujam.com

iOS: goo.gl/lCeISf

3. Audio Cutter

Audio Cutter Chrome app allows you to cut out a desired
musical fragment from an MP3 file (selected from Drive or
your computer) and save as a new file to Google Drive.

Chrome Extension: goo.gl/NxHm9G

4. Glogster

Create glogs with this interactive visual platform in
which users create a poster or web page containing
multimedia elements including: text, audio, video,
images, graphics, drawings, and data. Sign in with
your Google account.

Link: edu.glogster.com

5. Mobile Apps for Music Education

Database of music teaching
apps and creation resources
selected from 1000's of tablet
and smartphone apps for
Android and iOS .

Link: goo.gl/lsY734

6. Smart Music

A fully web-based interactive practice tool that
connects educators and students online and
provides students with immediate feedback to
help them improve. Works on Chromebooks!

Learn More > www.smartmusic.com

7. AtPlayMusic

AtPlayMusic offers music education apps for
all ages. Whether you’re just learning a new
instrument or interested in improving your
practice time, we have the app for you!

Learn more> http://www.atplaymusic.com/our-apps/

8. Royalty Free Music

Enhance your Google presentations with
music! Check out these music file resources:


9. Flat- Music Scores/Guitar Tabs Editor

The collaborative sheet music editor that lets you create music
scores and guitar tabs with your friends. Create and edit your
music score documents with your Chrome browser in real time.

Learn More > goo.gl/6NYZS5

10. Google Play Music Apps

Sound Search for Google Play helps you recognize music and songs
playing around you. Download > goo.gl/F5JLQi

YouTube Music lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in
an app designed for music discovery. Download > goo.gl/9pRfLv

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