Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Making your School Something Special

There has to be something more.

We all hit moments in our lives where we look at what we do, even when doing well, and ask whether we are capable of more. For me, the hope was that starting a nonprofit might allow having a much larger impact than what I'd had in my classroom. Like many teachers, one of my first thoughts along these lines was that I could be part of what was needed to make my school something better.

Fast forward a decade or two and change, and the ideas I've gathered from my experiences and the stories of those I've met around the world have found their way into a book I call Making Your School Something Special.

I believe all teachers can improve what they do, and that the stories of their students' successes can inspire momentum for their schools. The result can be something that is far more personally and professionally satisfying for any educator. In my book, I hope I have gathered ideas in such a way as to map a path for you to make great things happen with your students and colleagues where you work.

Please consider buying Making Your School Something Special and sharing this book. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the charitable efforts of Next Vista for Learning as well. Please also consider staying in touch, as I hope the ideas we share will allow new successes - successes that will inspire students in need of something different.

Rushton Hurley
Making your School Something Special
Santa Clara, CA
+Rushton Hurley 

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