Tuesday, January 3, 2017

G Suite: Top 10 Back 2 School Updates

1. Suggested Actions in Docs

Suggested action items appear when you use actionable words. As you type, if Google Docs detects action items (ex "Chris to send a follow-up e-mail"), a suggested action item will appear.

RULE: For action items to be suggested, text must

> Mention someone’s name or email.

> Mention someone with access to the file.

Learn more > goo.gl/Hk3Tdj

2. 'File Upload' Question Type

G Suite respondents can now upload files from their
computer or Drive into a Google Form.

Learn more > goo.gl/ekk3Jd

3. Table of Content Page Numbers

You can now add page numbers in the table of contents of your Google Docs.

Learn how > goo.gl/1hKV4j

4. Find a Time in Calendar

The ‘Find a Time’ feature is now available on iOS.

> Start a new event

> Add participant names

> Click on ‘Find a Time’ and

Calendar will provide suggested times when all attendees are free.

Learn more > goo.gl/MmLCa1

5. Events in Google Maps

You can now see your Google Calendar events in Google Maps on Android.

> Enter the address in the “Where” box in Google Calendar

> Sign into Google Maps

> See your Google Calendar events right there on the map

6. Search Faster and with Ease

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fancy way of saying “search like you talk.”
You can type things like “find my budget spreadsheet from last December” and Drive will understand what you mean. Search results will give you the option to click for those
specific search results.

Learn More > goo.gl/yPQcCh

7. Explore

Explore in Docs, Sheets and Slides makes work a breeze.

Click the ‘Explore’ icon on the bottom right of your file

> Sheets: Ask a question about your data

> Slides: Apply designs based on content

> Docs: Recommends related topics, images, and Drive

Learn more > goo.gl/Xmw4GI

8. More with Voice Typing

There are now more voice type commands you can use with this voice feature.

Get all the commands here > goo.gl/9orzIc

9. Early Adopter Programs

The G Suite team has been previewing new experiences with a small set of customers and we’ll be extending this to more customers through an Early Adopter Program.

> Drive for Teams: content ownership and sharing managed at team level; new roles give more granular control over team content; off-boarding departing team members

> Hangouts: no downloads, no browser plugins, invite anyone, join from any device, up to 50 participants

Learn more > goo.gl/Z0lClo

10. G Suite Release Calendar

Stay up to date and get details about a new update, release, or training resource with this calendar.

Add it to your list of calendars:

> Scroll to the bottom of the calendar

> Click on the ‘+Google Calendar’ icon

Locate the calendar here > goo.gl/TLA781

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