Monday, December 19, 2016

Soundboard Melbourne- The Learning Never Ends

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Recently I attended my third EdTechTeam summit and was once again completely inspired and in love with all things Google. Every time I walk away with a burning envy – I want to be a presenter that has such energy and knowledge that the audience walks away feeling motivated to make a difference.

The sessions I attended were so varied and engaging, from Google Search to Google Expeditions and Break Out Boxes to Digital Technologies – I was not disappointed with any of the presenters and as always felt my brain was about to explode with all of the wonderful binge learning.

I made an Android avatar, learnt about the A-Z of all things Googley and how to become immersed in any country in the world through a virtual reality excursion.

The problem is, after you have attended an EdTechTeam summit, PL is never the same again! Every PL I go to, I compare to the summit and it never turns out well! They are truly the best learning sessions for teachers out there!

I highly recommend that all teachers attend an EdTechTeam summit to experience the energy, collaboration and opportunity to meet some amazing people. I love how we all have so much in common and we are all there for the same reason – to make a difference to the lives of young people and to disrupt education!

EdTechTeam – I am your biggest fan and hope that I can continue to learn from you, work with you and hopefully fulfill my dream of being a presenter one day.

Tomorrow – Google Educator Level 2 – Here I come!

Rebecca Glenton
Primary Teacher
Google Certified Educator
Melbourne, Australia

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