Tuesday, December 13, 2016

G Suite: Google Classroom Top 10 Web-Based Tips

1. Expand Your Classroom

Add multiple teachers great option for co-teachers

Learn more > goo.gl/0liZfR

2. Save Drafts

Save drafts of assignments and announcements

Learn More > goo.gl/ltnAAr 

3. Post Efficiently

Post to multiple sections of the same class

Learn More > goo.gl/8D990G

4. Integrate Google Calendar

Add calendar option (keeps students/parents informed)

Learn More > goo.gl/eK587Z

5. Student “To-Do” List

Students can see all their homework for all their classes in one place

Learn More > goo.gl/uNjH4v

6. Teacher “To Review” List

On the Work page you can review student work (assignments and questions) as well as
any grades or previous comments

Learn More > goo.gl/eYtozd

7. Expand Your About Section

Use the about section to post online textbook, websites you visit often and class materials in 1 easy to find location

Learn More > goo.gl/TEbcjH

8. Add to the Discussion

Post discussion questions via

> Comment Thread in Assignment

> Link to a Google Group Forum

> Link to a Google+ Community

Learn More > goo.gl/TEbcjH

9. Use Last Year’s Lessons

Reuse posts from previous years (huge time-saver!)

Learn More > goo.gl/cgvxjP

10. Keep Assignments Visible

For semester long projects, move the assignment up the stream as the year goes on so it doesn't get buried in posts

Learn More > goo.gl/uHUo2s

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