Monday, December 5, 2016

Empower students: Classroom Management in the Digital Age

I’ve had the pleasure of being in and around 1:1 classrooms for nearly 5 years. Initially I was purposeful with my planning and reflecting, and over the years I became more and more comfortable with my ability to weave the technology into my curriculum in a natural way. In order for technology to be successful in the classroom, it can’t be a special event that happens once a week.
Classroom Management in the Digital Age by Heather Dowd and Patrick Green is like the Driver’s Ed for 1:1 classrooms. You read the rules, learn strategies, practice a little, and eventually you get into a car and drive. Do you know everything about your car? Probably not. Do you need to know everything about the device or the programs? Definitely not!  Let’s empower our students to learn something new, teach the teacher, and persevere through road blocks.

During my own 1:1 journey a pattern developed-- plan, try, evaluate, repeat. It never mattered if I was “good at technology,” it mattered that I was going to continue on the journey to provide my students with an invaluable experience.  If the idea of 1:1 is intimidating, I have great news for you: good teaching is still good teaching.
Classroom Management in the Digital Age is not a one time read, this book should be referenced again and again.  Initially to set up your classroom, then to evaluate, and continually to reinforce good strategies and combat bad ones.  If you’re anything like me, your copy will likely include highlighter, notes to yourself, folded pages, and maybe a few coffee stains.  Even the seasoned 1:1 teacher can learn something from this easy read.  The best thing about this book is its practicality. Each section has tips and resources  you can use tomorrow. It encourages you to evaluate the tasks you’re asking your students to complete to see if technology will make a greater impact on learning.  It’s a full circle, all-in-one reference for any 1:1 teacher.

Sarah Margeson
Coordinator of Connected Learning
Tippecanoe School Corporation
Lafayette, IN

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