Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Suite! G Suite Google Sites Top 10 Web-Based Tips

Check out Top 10 G Suite Google Sites Tips!

1. Custom Headers
You can create a custom banner on every page. Options include a large, small and title

2. Size
Drag and resize content using the blue dots or the crop function

3. Insert Menu Options
Insert content from Drive, YouTube, Calendar, Maps and Docs

4. Move Things Around
To organize your site, drag and drop the content to where you want it

5. Sharing Work with Others
Use the "Share" button to give edit rights to let others work with you

6. Share your Site from Drive
-Go to drive.google.com
-Right Click over the file (site name)
and select ‘Share’
-Select the preferred sharing setting

7. Publish
When you’re happy with your site, publish it so
others can view it. Click on the blue ‘Publish’
button and select your preferred settings.

8. Preview Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Mode
-Click on the preview icon
-Select from the different views

9. Differentiate Sections with Background Colors
-Go to the bottom left
and select the paint
palette icon
-From the drop down
menu, select your style

10. Set up Analytics
Connect your site to a Google Analytics account to
get insights and metrics on usage.
-Go to your site
-Click on the three little dots
-Select ‘Site Analytics’
-Add the Google Analytics Tracking ID

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