Monday, October 3, 2016

Read all About it! Google Slides as Digital Newsletters

Christy Cate
Digital Innovation Consultant
Region 14 Education Service Center
Abilene, TX
Twitter: @christycate
Voxer: @christycate

Slide into their Inbox and score a home-run with administrators…
Numerous times over my years in instructional technology, I have pitched out new ideas to campus and district administrators, while trying to communicate all the great stats their students and teachers have accumulated. Go team! Great and innovative things really ARE happening in the classroom.

However, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that information can win or lose the ball game! In other words, there is power in knowledge and the more administration knows, understands, supports, and leads instructionally, the more points scored for teachers and students in the improvement of environment, instruction, and learning.

And so, I did what I was asked: supply the regional superintendents and principals with a newsletter of information to include in a paper packet of handouts that could eventually be posted digitally. This meant a standard handout, that when converted to PDF with all handouts given at a local meeting, could later be accessed as a download from a web site.

I was a team player, for several years, with a pit in my stomach, occasionally trying a different approach to the plate.

I’ve hit the ball recently… and it just might be out of the ballpark!

I have started creating my newsletters in Google Slides, loving the embed of video, hyperlinks, images, and easily adjustable text boxes that make other, more cumbersome applications seem like strikeouts. With a quick modification of Page setup to 8 ½” X 11” and a header pasted to the Master slide, I have a very similar printed version to what is standard practice, but a very interactive flow of information that will see no need for a 7th inning stretch! The printed copy contains a QR code to the digital version, and so far, admin is cheering! (It can also be embedded into a website and the Shared link in an email insures that even administrators not present for the paper copy can easily access the digital content.)

Here’s a quick look at how it’s done:

Sample Newsletters Here: Newsletter Examples

Sample Embedded Website Newsletter: Embedded Example

With administrators, meet them where they are… But don’t be afraid to take advantage of a coaching opportunity. Step up to the plate, keep your eye on the ball, and your next grand slam may win the game!

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