Monday, October 31, 2016

Apple Teacher: The World is Your Oyster

As a former teacher, I get jealous when I hear success stories from classrooms around the world. If only Apple Teacher was around years ago! As an educator, I would definitely take advantage of the Facebook Community, use the #appleteacher hashtag, delve into the trove of resources offered, and investigate professional learning opportunities for Mac and iPad.

You are so lucky. The world is your oyster. 

One tip that will help you on your road to innovation is checking out the Apple Education iBook resource guides. One, in particular, that I’m loving right now is Fostering Creativity with iPad. It’s a free multi-touch iBook that leads you through a three step inquiry-based process designed to leverage the core iPad apps. 
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Have you ever explored or brainstormed collaboratively with your students by using Notes or iCloud? Results are amazing when you have students sketch a graphic organizer or document their critical questions, whether they’re scattered around the classroom or on an autumn leaf hunting expedition. 

As it turns out, iPads are fantastic tools for gathering information and reflecting, too. Make your students documentarians of their learning. Have them use the camera to document everything as they create a visual archive of their learning journey. Have them take photos, record self-reflections, research and more!

Finally, have your students synthesize and articulate their learning by turning all those digital artifacts they created (notes, sketches, annotations, photos, visuals and movies) to tell their story. Have them use Book Creator to construct, create and showcase their learning. Worried about workflow? Have them export their multimedia books as ePubs, turn them in via AirDrop, and then their audience can view their work with iBooks. The digital workflow couldn't be easier. 

iPads allow students to be the architects of their learning. Be smart, check out all the resource guides in the Apple Teacher Learning Center to learn more about the steps highlighted here. Feel like you’re innovating in isolation? Go deeper with Apple Distinguished Educators and connect with a broader community at a local workshop, conference or online course featuring Apple Teacher with EdTechTeam. Check out all our offerings here!

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