Thursday, September 1, 2016

Top 5 Things to Know About the New Google for Education Certified Trainer Program

Director of Certification Programs

Google released its highly anticipated redesigned Google Certified Trainer Program today and we here at EdTechTeam are thrilled to announce our new Google Certified Trainer Bootcamps.  

We can’t adequately describe how exhilarated we were to see the changes Google for Education has made to the Trainer program. In addition to content knowledge, they have added a large emphasis on understanding learning styles and have included key training techniques to engage and reach different learners. Another key focus is to help Trainers plan and deliver inspirational training- the type that teachers walk away from excited and motivated to try something immediately. Finally, they are working to not only bring new Trainers on board but also retain the trainers by keeping them updated and in-the-know about key items.

EdTechTeam has fully embraced this new program and we are so proud of the new Google Certified Trainer Bootcamp program that centers around Learning and Engagement in today’s education world.

As our team researched andragogy, pedagogy, engagement and more throughout the past few months to prepare for the new program, we were really surprised and excited about the things we learned.

 “As I was reading more about androgogy and learning in general, it struck me that many, if not all of these suggested activities that dealt with collaboration and autonomous learning were strategies we have been advocating for in the K-12 classroom for many years." Chris Bell, EdTechTeam

Participants at an EdTechTeam Bootcamp spend three full days reflecting on how they learn, how others learn, and how to best reach all learners. We learn and model engagement techniques and identify key instructional strategies. The best part? Attendees have time to work on their Google application and leave with a toolkit of activities and customized training materials to meet their own needs as a Trainer.

Do you fit any of the following categories?

  • Instructional Coach
  • TOSA
  • Teacher Leader
  • Support Provider
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Aspiring to be any of the above

Pretty Awesome Right? Are You Interested?

First Step: Get the Trainer program prerequisites - Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications (find a Level 1 and/or Level 2 Bootcamp near you here)

Second Step: Check out our Google Certified Trainer Bootcamp and let us share our passion with you!

Haven’t actually led a training yet? Start volunteering on your campus or even at an EdTechTeam Summit nearby.

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