Monday, September 19, 2016

On a Mission to Transform Lives

Kristin Mulder
Director of Digital Education
Sioux Falls Christian Schools
Twitter: @teacheroftech1 

My name is Kristin Mulder and I am the Director of Digital Education for a K-12 school in South Dakota. I am also a Google for Education Certified Trainer. Our school district made the move to fully integrating Google Apps for Education three years ago, after I attended an EdTechTeam Summit in Phoenix, AZ, and began to better understand the combined power of the Google tools. Since that time, we have hosted two Summits of our own here in South Dakota!

This past June (2016), two of our staff members (both Google Certified Educators) moved to the village of Ti Riviere, Haiti, to work with 'Mission Haiti' and to work in classrooms within the newly built school on the compound of Mission Haiti. There are six schools within this mountain region of Haiti that are financially and physically supported by Mission Haiti.  In total, there are almost 2,000 students who attend these one-room, non-air conditioned schools.  Many of the students must walk over two hours each day to attend a school. And all of these students must be sponsored in order to continue attending school. The sponsorships come from American people who want to give these students a good education, school supplies, a hot meal, and medicine to fight certain infections common in the area.

In July, I reached out the EdTechTeam and asked if they would be able and willing to donate backpacks to the students within the Mission Haiti sponsor program and schools. I could not have imagined how graciously they would indeed respond to the request!!  EdTechTeam supplied 200 backpacks for these students and this educational mission! Gerald and Lexi (our two former staff members) were back in South Dakota just last week for a medical appointment and they were overwhelmed by the gift that I was able to share with them for their students.The 200 backpacks are now on their way back to Ti Riviere and will be distributed to the students later this month.  

Gerald, Lexi, and I have been humbled by EdTechTeam's donation and I cannot wait to see pictures of the kids when they get their backpacks and school supplies!  Thank you EdTechTeam!

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