Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Use Voice Typing to Meet Learners' Needs


Kim Meldrum, M.Ed.

Technology Innovation Consultant

Lester B. Pearson School Board

As teachers we meet lots of students and we try our best to meet their individual learning needs but sometimes we have a student like John.

John has not been very successful at school.  He is in grade ten and is thinking of dropping out. John is very intelligent but he has challenges with written language.
Well the great news is that we can help John be successful at school and develop his self confidence by giving him opportunities to use technology as a tool for learning; to let him demonstrate his knowledge in creative ways!

Google Apps for Education has an amazing tool available through Google Docs called voice typing!  Voice typing is a simple strategy capable of changing the academic life and likely the self confidence of many of our students!
second voice to text.png

Students can demonstrate their learning using voice typing to create essays, projects or simply to record their understanding of new concepts. As their teacher you can use these demonstrations to gather information about the knowledge as well as how they attempted a task. This gives you rich information to plan further instruction tailored to their individual needs.

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