Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Google Expeditions - The Ultimate Window to the World

Ben Friesen
Director of Professional Development

Google Expeditions finally launched on iOS and now you can show students the world in ways you’ve never been able to before. In two easy steps, your students can join a Google Expedition from the iPhones in their pockets or class set of iPads. As the teacher, you have a guide with background info, leveled questions, and points of interests to focus on.  

Not only can you take students on Expeditions to the Moon, The Great Wall of China, or explore careers like veterinary medicine and aviation, you can also manage the students while you are there. Hit the pause button to focus your students, ask a question or add your expertise. Tap play and let them keep exploring with new insight. Teachers also have the ability to highlight points of interest with on-screen cues to focus the student and icons that show the teacher where each student is looking.    

Where is your classroom going to go?  Browse the hundreds of Expeditions available and make a plan to explore the world!

Protip: If you are using iPhones, add Google Cardboard for an enhanced experience. 

Protip: Have mixed devices in your class? You can run both iOS and Android devices at the same time!

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