Monday, September 12, 2016

7 Steps to Scheduling a YouTube Live Stream


Rachel J. Pierson
K-6 STEM Teacher
JWP Schools
Janesville, MN

When Google made the announcement about Hangouts last month, The Verge picked a sensational headline that read, “Google is Killing Hangouts on Air in September.” Understandably, this caused many people to panic that a favorite source of live streaming would be retired. (RIP Google Reader, Wave, and Buzz.)

Hangouts on Air is not going away! Let the masses rejoice. The way that events are scheduled are just moving into the new YouTube Live platform. Here is a simple seven-step process to schedule or start a Hangout on Air without any messy encoding software, bitrate settings, or audio delays. Watch the video where Justin Schleider (@schleiderjustin) and I talk through the process, or skip down for printed instructions.

Step One: Log in to your Google Account, navigate to Youtube, and select “My Channel” from the sidebar.
Step Two: Click on the “Video Manager” link to see your options for Live Streaming.
Step Three: (Optional; only if the account is not verified.) Make sure your YouTube account is verified by inputting a phone number. Google will send you a six-digit verification code. This will enable you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and schedule your live streams. (Shortcut step: The direct link for verification is
Step Four: Click to expand the “Live Streaming” section of the Creator Studio Menu. First, click on “Events,” and then click on “New Live Event.”
Step Five: Here’s where we put all the details about the live event. Pick a title, date and time, description, tags, and the privacy settings of the video. Most important, make sure the “Quick” option is set so the Hangouts on Air platform will be ready for the stream.
Step Six: If necessary, click into the “Advanced Settings” and make choices regarding your stream’s chat, category, language, recording, and other settings.
Step Seven: Click “Go Live Now” if the Hangout on Air is to start immediately, or “Create Event” if you have scheduled the stream for later. If the event takes place later, come back to the video manager page and click “Start Hangout on Air.” (Shortcut step: The direct link to the live events page is
Invite people to the panel slots of the Hangout on Air, click the “Add Person” button and either invite directly with a Google Plus account, email, or by sharing the direct link to the Hangout. With these steps, the migration to YouTube Live is less of a headache than feared. Keep on sharing the great educational events--they’re just a YouTube link away!

Rachel Pierson is a technology nerd with a teaching and learning habit. She currently serves as a K-6 STEM teacher in Janesville, MN. Rachel loves finding new ways to add to her instructional technology toolbox, and has a passion for teaching other teachers how to use these tools to their advantage. Follow Rachel on Twitter: @RPiersonEdu.

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