Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nat and Lo Demystify YouTube

Molly Schroeder
Director of Summits

At the Flagship California Summit in July,  Nat and Lo from Google came to share their story about how they started their amazing YouTube channel where they get to tell people about all the cool things happening at Google.  

Their YouTube channel at Google is where they demystify the technology in our everyday lives, in the hopes that by doing so, more people can become informed, imaginative participants in technology’s future.

After uploading YouTube videos over this past year, they started to wonder, how does YouTube itself work? So they went to talk with some of the engineers at Youtube, and learned so much we ended up making two episodes.

They’d love for you to check them out, and share if you enjoy the episodes!

Also, they are always researching future episode topics and love to hear people’s ideas and questions about how technology works. Please feel free to email them with any thoughts or questions, or they’re also on Twitter, at @NatAndLo if you’d like to reach out that way.

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