Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dive into Inquiry! Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice with Trevor Mackenzie

Trevor Mackenzie
Victoria, BC Canada
Author of Dive into Inquiry
I am so excited to share with you all a project I am tremendously proud of: Dive into Inquiry.  

Over my years as a teacher I’ve learned an incredible amount as I’ve taken on a more personalized approach to educating our youth.  I’ve seen the enormous benefit of flipping control over learning in the classroom and fostering student agency in our curriculum.  I’ve gained an appreciation for my colleagues and their specific teaching areas as I’ve collaborated with teachers to co-plan and co-teach in an inquiry model.  And I’ve made mistakes, ones that have helped me reflect, revise, and refine what inquiry looks like in my practice.
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Dive into Inquiry brings this all together in one inspiring resource to help readers make inquiry their own and help amplify learning in their classroom and empower student voice.
Dive into Inquiry provides a structure that prepares learners for the transition from traditional teaching models to the inquiry classroom, a structure that begins with building strong relationships with our students through a gradual release of control over learning from the teacher to the student.  The book is full of detailed lessons that will help educators create the inquiry atmosphere our students require.  I share accounts of student learning that will deepen understanding of inquiry and help clarify my proposed structure.  Included in the book are illustrations to use in the classroom to assist learners in their own understanding of inquiry.  Readers will be inspired to make inquiry their own whether they are new to the inquiry pool or confident in all Types of Student Inquiry.
The book is jam-packed with passionate narrative, clear examples and lessons, inspiring student stories, and supportive processes.  Readers will finish the book feeling  well prepared to make inquiry work for their learners in a manner that is low risk and high reward.

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Transform learning and get your copy today!

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