Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tech & Learning Best in Show Winner for ISTE 2016: The FlipOut

If you came by our booth at ISTE 2016 this year in Denver, Colorado, you may have had a chance to see some of our books from EdTechTeam Press, play with a BreakoutEDU box, see a great presentation from our many amazing presenters and trainers, or win a customized MAXCases EdTechTeam Cardboard. What you may not have known was there were anonymous educator judges in the exhibit hall looking for great products for educators as part of Tech & Learnings's Best in Show at ISTE 2016 Contest. We are thrilled to announce that MAXCases and EdTechTeam's product, the FlipOut Virtual Reality Viewer, won Best in Show!

MAXCases provides all of our great laptop bags, backpacks, and more for our Summits, and we're thrilled to partner with them on designing great products for educators. EdTechTeam and MAXCases are proud to have introduced at ISTE 2016 a new design in Virtual Reality (VR) devices for the classroom. With the advent of affordable VR devices, teachers are being inundated with cardboard boxes and expensive headsets clearly not designed for classroom use. The FlipOut is an easy to use, lightweight virtual reality viewer that can be easily stored in a classroom, even the teacher’s pocket.

 EdTechTeam has this device reasonably-priced that can be used with many portable devices while providing unmatched virtual learning and excitement in the classroom. They can tour inside the human body or be immersed inside a 360° video. With existing free mobile applications like Google StreetView, kids can even create 360° images in placed-based lessons. FlipOuts are currently available to pre-order at the MAXCases store! 

Thanks again for all who came by the booth at ISTE 2016 this year and explored what can be possible in your classrooms. Let us know what you think of the FlipOut!

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