Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Ways to Get Going with the New Expeditions App

Jim Sill
Director of Global Development

1. Get the app for Android: bit.ly/downloadexpeditions
Start playing right away; press and hold an image to highlight a region.

2. Create a narrative for the Expedition to connect the images
Activate wonder with beginner, intermediate, and advanced questions on the Expedition. Climbing El Capitan is great for literature and writing connections.

3. Students and Teachers can take turns being the Guide.
The Pause Button naturally makes your student explorers remove the Cardboard from their face, great for redirecting the whole room.

4. Have Students Create Their Own Expeditions
Using the Street View app, have your students visit your own city to create their own expeditions.

5. Students Getting Dizzy? Use Full Screen

Just remove the device from Cardboard and press the "Full Screen" button.

You can also buy EdTechTeam Cardboard and the FlipOut Viewer with MaxCases! Check them out here.

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