Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 Reasons to Join EdTechTeam Online!

Tracy Purdy
Program Manager
EdTechTeam Online

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Over the past twelve weeks, I have had the honor to work with 100 educators from 10 different countries in the EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Online Cohort.

Participants completed six different courses as part of the Cohort; Global Collaboration and Community, Project Based Learning, Flipped Learning, Visual Literacy, Assessment and Redesigning the Learning Space. During this cohort, teachers had to push beyond their comfort zone to try new things and question their current practices. The result is a group of leaders who are ready and willing to take chances to help students become the problem solvers of our future. They are ready to spark curiosity, ignite creativity, connect globally, and change education. 

It was an incredible opportunity and I am inspired by the inaugural EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Cohort.  We are excited that we have begun a Sold Out Summer Teacher Leader Cohort and space is filling fast for the Fall Cohort beginning in September.  Join us on this amazing journey with EdTechTeam Online.

To find out more about EdTechTeam Online or to register for the September Cohort go to
5 Reasons You Should Join the September Cohort for EdTechTeam Online
Technology and Creativity: 

This cohort is more than just a place to learn.  It's a place to connect with like minded people from around the world who are excited about the newest trends in teaching today.  In this cohort you will learn how to engage your students better and empower them to want to learn at their own pace, and in their own way.  Want to transform your classroom?  Then this cohort is for you! - Laurie Guyon, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, NY

21st Century Learning Exemplified

I honestly believe this cohort contained the best courses I have taken in my 12 year teaching career.  The courses are quick and keep you busy, but every single project or assignment is directly usable in your classroom.  There were no "papers"... instead, there were projects, articles to comment on, and real-world (classroom) examples to work around.  I highly recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to become a better (21st Century) teacher. -Joe Cernak, 4th Grade Teacher, IL
Amazing Experience
To everyone in this cohort- I came into this course not knowing what to expect, but I came out of it a better educator and lifelong learner with amazing like-minded individuals from around the globe. From Google Hangouts,  to EDpuzzle, to Slack, I've come away with a new tool belt ready to build a new foundation for tomorrow's youth. #keepintouch #wedidit #edteachteamonline  
I loved every course. I agree with those who say the tools and ideas learned could be implemented in the classroom right away. I found the material invigorating. The assignments were challenging. I used all assignments with my class unlike other courses where I created assignments but never used them. I have made connections and developed habits that I will continue beyond these courses. I thought I was knowledgable about tech and trends but now I know so much more. Being part of this cohort changed me as a teacher. Thank you.  -Karen Moulton
One stop PD for Future Learners, Leaders, and Teachers

Our district is focused on many of the areas presented in this course.  It was awesome to have them all in one place with a collection of strong resources and the opportunity to watch or participate in Hangouts with experts and teachers that are shifting the way they teach and students are learning.   I would definitely recommend this cohort and course to any teacher that is looking to expand their use and and understanding of digital tools within the context of best practice and learning.  -Ben Stanerson, Science Teacher, MN

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