Tuesday, May 24, 2016

10 Google Tools to Try Out This Week

  1. Google Art Project
Explore this database of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures. Create your gallery, compare and contrast paintings, and go on a virtual eld trip.
> Web: www.googleartproject.com
> iOS: goo.gl/vhEEM2
Pro Tip: Use Street View to explore in 360

2. World Wonders
Journey through the wonders of the world via pictures, videos, and get to ground level with street view.

3. Custom Search Engine
Create your own search engine with only sites you’ve deemed credible and educational.
> Go to cse.google.com

4. Constitute Project
Locate the world's constitutions from one site. Search by topic and compare results.
> www.constituteproject.org

5. Digital version of building with LEGOs.

Check out the academy, and sign in to locate your builds.
> www.buildwithchrome.com

6. CS First
Coding club content and resources. You don’t need to know how to program to teach it, learn it or use it.
> www.cs-first.com

7. Docs Story Builder
A web tool for creating stories with friends; add music and text only. Great for writing assignments!
> Web: docsstorybuilder.appspot.com
Pro Tip: Save your link if you don’t log in.

8. App Inventor
Use the ‘+’ symbol to add someone via their Google Account
> Insert
> Comment
> Add the persons email as follows
The user will receive an email and will now have access to comment on this document.

9. Androidify
Create your own Android avatar with this custom tool.
> Share via social media
> Save to use with Slides
> Saves as GIF

10. NIK Collection
Photo editing plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. Use these tools to make adjustments
to the color and tonality of images.
> Web: www.google.com/nikcollection

Monday, May 23, 2016

First Student Summit Grant in the Books!

Kern Kelley
Director of Student Agency

In 2012 I was invited to present at the Google Teacher Academy in Google’s New York City office. Now known as the Google Certified Innovator Academy, this is a professional development opportunity for educators from around the world. At the event, educators receive learning from teachers and Googler's. I was thrilled to be involved and wanted to share the experience with my students. I asked the Google in Education team if I could bring them to present with me and they enthusiastically agreed.

Since that time, my long term goal has always been to work with students, teaching and providing experiences for them to give back to the educational community. We called these students Tech Sherpas. A helpful guide for anyone who needs it. During the years my students and I have produced a live technology support show and presented at hundreds of conferences. That work has culminated into a book that will be published soon.


The lessons and activities found in this book are designed for educators to teach students about Google Apps for Education. Ultimately, these students will go on to teach others, learning throughout the process. This dream came to fruition at the EdTechTeam Student Summit in Dallastown Intermediary School.
While no one knows what will come next, we do know that whatever happens, these students are prepared for anything.

We will be back next Tuesday at 3:00 EST

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Ways You Can Make the Web More Accessible

1. Read&Write for Google

Make files and the web accessible for those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, struggling readers & writers, and ESL/ELL. Supports multiple le types:

- Google Docs
- ePub
- Kes

Link to Install: http://goo.gl/Q2qXIv

2. Visor

Screen dimmer and reading aid, may help with fluency, eye-strain, concentration and comprehension while reading.

Link to install goo.gl/UZEQQH

3. “Ok Google”

Search by voice
> Go to www.google.com and click on mic
> Download the app

Android: goo.gl/1MV0qL
iOS: goo.gl/KkWq0d

4. Crafty Text

This extension allows the user's text to be displayed on screen on top of a web page in large type.

Install to Chrome: goo.gl/z0alBM

5. Chrome Extensions by Google

Accessibility extensions you can add to Chrome (all made by Google).

-High Contrast
-Image Alt Text Viewer
-Long Descriptions in Context Menu
-Caret Browsing

Link to List: goo.gl/27zLNu

6. YouTube Features

-Add caption tracks to your video files. Captions help deaf and hard of hearing viewers or for
speakers of different languages.
-Activate subtitles on YouTube videos:
> Click on the gear just below your video
> Subtitles > Select Language or Off
-Transcript Option

Go to YouTube.com > Select your video> More > Transcript

7. Google Hangouts

A free video conferencing tool that lets up to 15 people connect, chat, share their desktops, and more.
> Hangout landing page: hangouts.google.com

8. Docs Voice Typing

Use your voice to type, edit and customize your doc.

> For set up and voice commands go to: goo.gl/O6GEy3

9. Drive iOS App Features

Google Drive works with the VoiceOver accessibility feature on iPhone/iPad.

> Go to Settings > Select General > Tap Accessibility
> Press VoiceOver and change its status to "On"

10. More Resources

Full list: goo.gl/rSwx1B
Google: www.google.com/accessibility/products

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

61 Events, 5 Countries: April is a Wrap!

Director of Professional Learning

April was a busy month for EdTechTeam!

We hosted 61 events in five countries in April. The events ranged from our Summits in Kitchener, Ontario and Franklin, Indiana to our Summit tour is Australia and New Zealand. We also offered 15 Certification Bootcamps in the month of April and in-district customized professional development such as this GAFE workshop at San Fransisco Unified SD as well as a student event in Lachine, Canada. 
We reported a combined 483 hours of professional development on behalf of 61 different Google Certified Trainers

We are honored to work with so many fabulous trainers and organizations. Thank you for allowing us to share our knowledge and expertise with so many educators and students. Look what's in store for May and contact us about coming to you.