Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's next with EdTechTeam?

EdTechTeam is excited about everything the rest of the year has in store for our team, our community, and the field of education. We started the year with an all-team retreat at our Irvine office. All 29 employees (including 22 innovative teachers and educational leaders) came together to dream out loud as architects of what's possible... and to help create the change we want to see in schools. We set ambitious impact goals for the year and renewed our focus helping schools to develop capacity in Courageous Leadership, Empowered Teachers, Engaged Community, Inspiring Spaces, and most importantly, Student Agency.  

We also work with 165 contractors (most practicing teachers, educational leaders, and technical administrators) who help us in our mission by serving as featured speakers at our conference-style summits and our custom professional development events around the globe. This team, and our community, wouldn't be the same without their richly diverse skills and vision.

Between us we have a number of exciting new initiatives planned for 2016, including the first courses and certifications from EdTechTeam Online, at least a dozen inspiring books coming from EdTechTeam Press, expanded operations with our international subsidiaries (especially EdTechTeam Canada and EdTechTeam Australia), all new summit experiences planned for our 5th annual events starting in July, innovative surprises from Breakout EDU (including an all new immersive game we're very excited about), mobile student-facing maker experiences, and many more opportunities for free community engagement. After seeding another 15 class sets of Chromebooks as 1:1 pilots in 2015, we are also preparing an overhaul of our giving strategy that we've just announced!
Thank you for being a part of EdTechTeam's evolution over the past 10 years. We hope we'll be learning with you, and serving your students, for many more. This is only the beginning. 

Mark Wagner, CEO
Meet Mark and learn more about him here.

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