Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Are You Ready to Disrupt Learning?

Written by Holly Clark
Educational Strategist - EdTechTeam

In late 2015, my best friend’s daughter was going through something really horrific at school. She would come home and cry about math tests and she was beginning to show signs of hating school.

Tanya and I thought it was because her teacher was so caught up in making sure she delivered certain content in a timely matter, that she had failed to notice that some of her students were not understanding the information. The sad part is that Tanya's daughter was growing frustrated with what she thought was her inability to learn.

One evening while saying her “good-nights,” this sweet seven year old girl confided in her mom about a punishment she had received for talking during class…and as she told her story, her mom began to cry. She quickly called me and told me about what was happening at her daughters school. It is from this story of an unjust and misunderstood punishment that this TEDx talk was written…

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