Monday, February 8, 2016

Host an EdTechTeam Google Certification Bootcamp... For FREE!

Kate Petty
Director of Certification Programs

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Imagine being able to tell the parents at your school that your teachers are digitally certified. Not only digitally certified... but certified by Google. We think they'd be impressed!

Google’s new certification program helps teachers at all levels get officially certified in a very unique way. Teachers can take the free online curriculum and then register to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 and/or Level 2 exam for a small fee. Once the exam is passed, Google will email the educator a printable certificate and electronic badge to add to his/her electronic signature.

The best part of Google’s new certification program is that it isn’t all about “Google”. The new program helps educators understand modern pedagogy, offers digital citizenship resources, provides ideas for coaching models, and helps teachers establish Personal Learning Networks - so important in this world of connectivity.

EdTechTeam is proud to announce that we now offer a unique set of Google Certified Educator Bootcamps designed to prepare teachers to start studying for their certifications. Very much in-line with our Google Summits, EdTechTeam Bootcamps are ticketed events. Different from Summits, our Bootcamps are intimate affairs with only 25-30 people in attendance. A school or district can sign up to host one with no risk and market the event to the schools around them. Once the event has reached 20 paid tickets, the host of the event gets three free tickets for the event.

EdTechTeam Bootcamps for Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2 offer their participants catered lunch and a voucher to take the respective exam. And the learning doesn’t stop when the teachers walk out of the door of an EdTechTeam Bootcamp. Teachers are invited to our closed Bootcamp community of educators who help each other night and day while providing encouragement as they are preparing to take the exam.  

Principals and administrators are finding that teachers walk away from our Bootcamp events energized to become certified and empowered to try new things in their classrooms. We look forward to empowering educators by preparing them for these digital certifications. Bring a Bootcamp to your school by filling out a short request form and email Kate with any questions!

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