Monday, January 25, 2016

This is Only the Beginning

Mark WagnerCEO, EdTechTeam

You may have noticed the slow introduction of EdTechTeam's new logo. We're very excited to be rolling it out more widely in the coming weeks and months. As a continued evolution of our earlier logos, it has many familiar elements that you may recognize. The green leaves still represent the organic nature of student growth (and student agency in schools), which has always been our focus. The circuits (or network nodes), which appear now as the veins in the leaf, still represent the important role that technology (and networks of all kinds) play in the learning and development of today's students. 

Each of the five nodes also stands for one of the key elements of school change that now drive so much of our work: Courageous Leaders, Empowered Teachers, Engaged Community, Inspiring Spaces, and Robust Infrastructure. We believe the cleaner, simpler, and more modern look of the new leaf will be more useful (and more appealing) in a variety of media, including app icons, swag (think backpacks), and smaller printed formats such as the spine of a physical book.
This new logo is also part of a logo system that will clearly and visually bring together all of EdTechTeam's services and products, including our conference-style summits, our custom professional development programs, our online courses, our regional subsidiaries, our forthcoming books, our free community engagements, and much more. We hope this will make it easier for educators around the world to recognize which events and resources are provided by EdTechTeam - so you'll know when you can expect the inspiring and empowering (often fun) experiences EdTechTeam is known for. (We are also proud to produce Breakout EDU, but that brand remains independent as we believe it also has a great deal of potential beyond the usual bounds of EdTechTeam.) 

We'd love to hear your thoughts about the new logo - and we hope you'll use it to share what we have to offer with your friends and colleagues. Thank you for being a part of EdTechTeam's evolution over the past 10 years. We hope we'll be learning with you, and serving your students, for many more. This is only the beginning.

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