Sunday, November 1, 2015

10 Projects and Templates to Up Your Google Slides Game

One of Google Drive's most versatile and powerful tools, Slides, has so much potential for the classroom. Read on for templates, hacks, and project ideas to start using today!

1. Use Custom Page Size

> The magic is in being able to change the page size to whatever you want. A custom page size of 8.5" x 11" looks just like a Doc, but formatting is so much easier!

2. Collaborative Poetry Anthology
> Create a blank slide for every student in your class.
> Assign each student a slide number and share the file

3. Large Format Signs
> Page size 28 x 22
> Export the file as a PDF
> Send to a print shop!

4. Promotional Poster
> Change font styles, size and colors
> Insert graphics in multiple formats: .jpg, png, tiff or svg

5. Award Certificates
> Create 2 certificates per page
> Include multiple awards and designs

6. Resume with Hyperlinks
> Compose the resume on an 8.5 x 11 Slide
> Publish your slides to simplify linking

7. Concert Tickets
> Use tables to split your page into 8 sections
> Design one ticket, then copy and paste it into the other cells

8. Grad Banquet Menus
> Access hundreds of fonts to enhance your design

9. Athletic Tournament Posters
> Round Robin Draws
> Playoff Brackets

10. Templates
> Go to for a library of free and fee-based Google Slide templates


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