Friday, October 23, 2015

Just Get Going! How to Start Flipping Your Learning Today with Videos

Is flipped learning only about having students watch educational videos at home? Watch Molly Schroeder, Director of Summits for EdTechTeam, cover:
  • What flipped learning is
  • Different ways to flip, including in-class and at-home viewing
  • Common questions about flipped learning
  • How to get started

Flipped learning is changing teaching and learning because we are really personalizing the learning for the Students.

To me, flipped learning means anytime anywhere learning. Where you are cloning yourself or some of the lessons that the students are needing to have. All of my students came into my classroom at a different point of their learning. Yet when I was up in front of the classroom teaching everybody was learning the exact same thing on the exact same day. So with Flipped Learning I could put my students in smaller groups and instead of being the teacher up in the very front of the classroom and having everybody learn the same thing at the same time, what you're doing is you're taking the direct instruction moments and you're putting it into individual moments.

What my teammates and I did was we decided to do 3-4-minute videos on some of our power standards, or the things that we knew the students needed to know in that unit, so for example in my class, since teaching fifth grade writing my students struggled with there, their, and they're. If I was correcting that paper and I had 27 papers to correct or look over, I would just correct it for the students and hand it back and they would change it. And there really wasn't any guarantee that the next time that they did that they would use the correct version. I started thinking that there could be a lesson that was videoed, a 3-5-minute lesson that the students watched and then if they had some sort of activity afterward I would have an idea that maybe there was some learning that happened. So I took a lesson that might have been for the whole class and put it into an individual moment where the student was doing it just when they needed it.

When you're working in a flipped environment, when you're using video to clone the teacher, they can pause me, they can rewind me, and they can really kind of take that at their own pace to review the learning that was happening in the classroom.

Getting Started with Flipped Learning:

I think the best way to start with flipping your classroom is to just get going. Find a video that  matches some sort of curriculum or standard that you have, and have those kids review that video and talk about it afterwards. And you can use it for pre-teaching. Pre-teaching allows the students to come in with a little information for what you want them to know in class. You can create videos or even use videos that are already out there that other people are publishing. there's a lot of educational content out there that we don't have to be the creators of videos. So if you find something that helps you teach the lesson or the content that you need to, you can just use that and start building some links or resources on your website. One of the things that we did in my school district is, we made an entire collection  of all of these little screencasts that our teachers were making and it was accessible to the parents and it was accessible to the students 24 hours a day.

Questions about Flipped Learning:

A big question that a lot of teachers will ask is if they are going to start flipping their classroom is, how do I know that the students watched the video? And so providing some sort of activity or feedback allows the teach to then see if they've learned what some of the students thinking is about after they've listened to that video. Sometimes the students didn't have access  to the internet at home so I had to make my classroom available for them to be able to stay late or come in early or use other parts of the class day.

What we did is if there was ever any sort of digital assignment whether it be on the computer or involving a screen or a flip or watching a video, I would never have it due the next day. Making sure that your videos are accessible on mobile devices is really important when you're working with different student populations to because a lot of the students or their families do have digital that can connect even if they don't have internet access at home.

How do I make engaging videos?

The most boring thing in a classroom is watching someone read bullet point off of a presentation. And a lot of the times when teachers get to videoing themselves they sort of turn into robots and there's absolutely no interaction. So when we were creating these videos for narrating and screencasts, we just ask the teachers to have a little interaction. To be themselves, be friendly, introduce themselves so that the video isn't like a robot. And reading some instructions that anybody can read on their own.

The Benefits of Flipped Learning:

When you're teaching the same lesson to the kids every day you might not know each of the students as personally or as individualized as you would know in a flipped classroom. Know what they need specifically and know what they need to  be re-taught or where they can move ahead and they can really enhance and advance their learning. When you are doing flipped learning you're creating the individual experience with direct instruction, but now you have all of this opportunity for the community  experience. You have this opportunity for one-on-one teacher experience. Smaller groups, people doing different things at the exact same time, it might look to the outsider a little bit more messy.  But what it is is more individualized and personalized for the student in meeting them where they are at. you just have to try it once and get that into your classroom and you'll be surprised in a really great way about the students and how they are able to learn.


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