Friday, May 15, 2015

The Weekend's Here: Time to Binge-Watch Education On Air On Demand!

Move over Game of Thrones and House of Cards, the Google Education on Air Lineup is full of the same thrilling plots that make us watch one after the other but for our own practice! Here's an easy way to grab your laptop, some wine, and snuggle up in bed this weekend for your own professional development.

First, make sure you philosophically set the stage and breeze through Day 1's Keynotes, a great mix of leaders in different industries designed to get you thinking about the big picture. After all, you wouldn't jump into Season 4 without at least watching the recap, right? The interface is better than any of your cable provider's On-Demand technology, and you can toggle to the one you want, take a screenshot of that a-ha moment, or go back and relisten.

Here's a few gems.

The Economist Intelligence Unit looked at What are the Skills of the Future, and Zoe Tabary shared some insights into her research investigating digital literacy, leadership, and creativity and whether those skills meet the needs of employers. A salient point from the report was:

But the support for this is lacking. Zoe kicks things off with a panel about being #futureready and digital leaders! We loved seeing Jaime Casap and Ken Shelton who present at our events share HOW we can prepare for these skills with student-centered strategies.

I know we're all making change in our classrooms and schools, but it can be so infuriating when we have the best intentions. Lisa's talk discusses how to anticipate and activate change, and these three steps she covers is such a good start to thinking about change in learning technologies at your school!

Lisa Bodell, "Make Change Happen: Three Tools for Better Problem Solving."

Jennie Magiera, "Power to the Pupil." Jennie got to edu-nirvana with three lessons! How to cultivate curiosity, how to outwit obstacles, and how to play purposefully. Get inspired!

Richard Curtis,"Take Part in the World's Largest Lesson." World's Largest Lesson is here to help this be the last generation to be threatened by climate change and the first generation to end extreme poverty, and teachers make this happen!

Day 2 is full of Hands-on and interactive strategies you can take straight  to the classroom. Here's just a sampling of awesome ones, but dig in, watch a bit, take some notes, and move onto the next. The beauty is that they are always here!

Data's Not So Scary | Jay Atwood Session Materials 
Data and spreadsheets sometimes get stigmatized for being tough, but Jay's smooth style helps anyone understand how to make the best use of data with your students. I love that he pumps his example spreadsheet with notes with hints and tricks, so an interactive template! Love!

Extreme Pedagogy Makeover Using Multimedia Text Sets and Hyperdocs | Lisa Highfill | Session Materials
Lisa's style is so fun to listen to, and I particularly loved her notes on how to package your lessons using Google Docs.

Google Apps Admin Console Best Practices | Peter Henrie | Session Materials
Peter goes through the admin console in such an easy and step-by-step way, especially for such a complex topic!

You Think You Know Google Search? | Lisa Thumann | Session Materials
You and your students Google ALL DAY LONG. Get these quick and easy efficient tips and modifications for students, like microphone search, using Google as a dictionary, and more!

There were SO many more fantastic sessions we couldn't possibly highlight them all, but you can! Let us know which were your favorites.

Please follow these amazing presenters, and go to see them present live at our EdTechTeam Global Summits! Which is the next one near you?


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