Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Power of Padlet

Padlet is an amazing FREE tool to inspire teachers create a collaborative learning environment on any device. It works much like a digital bulletin board, but it is so much more powerful and FUN.

Starting is easy

1. Go to Padlet.com
2. Sign-up for an account
3. Create a 'Wall' using the tools on the left hand side of the screen.

You can personalize the wall in almost anyway you can imagine. You can also get a personalized webpage address to share with students.

What can you do with the Wall?

1. Pose a question for students to answer
2. Post a writing prompt and let students share their answers - to help each inspire each other.
3. Ask prediction questions
4. Give students a place to share videos, pictures or screencasts.
5. Create a  collaborative brainstorming environment
6. Make a "Parking Lot" for student questions
7. Interactive Maps or Graphics

The possibilities are limitless! 

In the end, Padlet easily allows teachers or students  to create amazing digital artifacts of learning.  It can make student thinking visible, give every student a voice and allows students to show their work.

To get started here is a great tutorial from Lisa Highfill one of the amazing presenters at GAFE Summits.

Don't forget to download the Chrome Extension  and Chrome App to get the most out of Padlet.

Finally, what do you use a Padlet for? Share your ideas on this collaborative Padlet created by  Phillip Cowell a teacher from an International School in Beijing, China.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post! By the way, we have just launched Padlet Backpack for teachers. Trial is free for 30 days. Would love to know what you guys have to say about it. http://padlet.com/padlet-backpack

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