Monday, February 2, 2015

Be in the Know - The Newest Thing to Hit EdTechTeam

Amidst the breathtaking North Shore Mountain snowcaps and the Strait of Georgia sits a school that boasts one of the best views in North America. Mulgrave School in West Vancouver is a school known for its innovative thinking and beautiful landscapes. This year they will open arguably one of the most innovative campus expansions in the world - as they give new meaning to learning spaces and redefine what learning areas can and should look like. Luckily for EdTechTeam, Mulgrave was the backdrop to one of EdTechTeam’s newest and most playful endeavors - the iOS Summit. EdTechTeam launched this branch of learning to help inspire innovative teaching and learning on the iPad and other Apple related devices.

Those who catch the iOS Summit fever can expect a few staple features that make this summit a fusion of the best in professional development. Each iOS Summit will have a two hour "Google and the iPad" strand to help teachers learn to successfully use Google Tools on the iPad and (where available) a SketchNoting deep dive taught by Apple Distinguished Educator Brad Ovenell-Carter - a hands-on special two hour session, to learn and engage in the power of visual note-taking from the world renowned master himself.

What makes the iOS Summit different from the rest - is the fusion of both two-hour workshop style sessions for deeper dives and a plethora of one hour hands-on sessions that allow participants to learn ideas they can use in their classrooms tomorrow. All sessions are driven by challenges that help participants get hands-on experience with the learning and pedagogy. Each session is based in ideas that will help level-up instruction and support teachers in learning how to make thinking visible in their classrooms.

Most summits will be one-day to allow for a quick upgrade in instructional pedagogy without having to spend large amounts of money or give up precious free-time. Depending on the size of the summit most will end with either a fast-paced and thought-provoking Ignite-Style closing, or a very interactive Appy Hour where participants can share and reflect in a masterful pedagogical showcase.

Having attended and presented at many iPad based conferences, this was truly a learning experience like no other. It is based in fun - check out our green screen challenge, and because of the reputation of the EdTechTeam draws only the best presenters in the world! If you want to be in the IPad know, to “hang” with other passionate educators in a fun and playful atmosphere...catch us in one of our amazing locations this year.

Like a kid waiting for a Disneyland trip, I can’t wait for the next iOS Summit in Milwaukee in Feb and the Flagship event in Minnesota this March 7th and don’t miss George Couros at our iOS Summit in Orange County, California this April 25th and 26th.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know...iOSSummit or visit the website.

To learn more about an upcoming summit, register for an EdTechTeam Summit featuring Google for Education in your region, or contact EdTechTeam about custom professional development and organizational change coaching.

EdTechTeam is a California Benefit Corporation and global network of educational technologists dedicated to improving the world’s education systems using the best technology and learning principles available. EdTechTeam produces Future Ready Schools summits and custom professional development for teachers and school leaders around the globe.


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