Monday, October 6, 2014

The Gift of Giving

Post from Ken Shelton 

Among the many things that EdTechTeam does for Education, one we are particularly proud of is our commitment to giving to the Educational Community. We are able to accomplish this core organizational value through our current grant program. The program has been in place since 2012, and each year we select a set of winners among our grant applications for either a class set of Nexus tablets or Chromebooks. So far we have given out 3 class sets of Nexus tablets, and another 4 class sets of Chromebooks. This has no doubt had a transformative affect for the teachers that were awarded the grants and the students in each of their classes. An additional goal of our program is to support the shift in those classes to a 1:1 program where each student in the class has their own device to use. A significant percentage of the funding for our program is supported by the Google for Education Summits we produce around the world.  More information about our upcoming Summits can be found here.

Grant Winner Sarah Demers

During one of our recent Summits, in Calgary, Alberta we had an opportunity to not only speak with one of our grant winners, but also conduct a brief interview. The interview can be seen in the video below. We look forward to reviewing and awarding many more grants and hope that if you attend one of our Summits you will consider applying as well. Additional information about our grant program can be found here.