Thursday, October 23, 2014

#GafeSummit - Not Your Dad's PD

There is a lot of buzz around #gafesummits. People are talking about them from coast to coast even in countries where you might not expect to hear about schools using Google Apps for Education. There is something special about these two-day events and a lot of teachers find them the perfect combination of pedagogy and fun!

What is all the talk about?
In the simplest terms - it’s about mind-blowing learning that happens over two days at various school-based summits around the world.

These two day events are packed with activities strategically set-up to get participants moving, networking and taking ownership of their learning.

Participants begin by fueling up with brain-powered snacks at the breakfast spread, and then mozie over to the photobooth where they can get their creative juices flowing by mixing and matching props to take the perfect google-inspired photo.

Summits begin with keynotes that center around cutting edge ideas like “Living in Beta” or “Future Ready Schools” strategically chosen to set a motivational tone for a days worth of inspired learning.

After the keynote we are all off to four different sessions throughout the day, where participants can learn how to use a tool, delve into the pedagogy behind technology integration or wander into a session that looks into innovative ideas like design thinking or empathy in the classroom or moonshot thinking - an idea inspired by Google.

Roni Habib packs two rooms at the Marin Summit as he discussed the idea Mindfulness and Happiness in the Classroom.

In addition to the peppering of innovative sessions, there are sessions based on iOS, Android and ideas like Digital Portfolios and Digital Citizenship offered by known experts in those areas.

What Sets EdTechTeam Summits Apart From Others?

Chris Bell, COO of EdTechTeam, boasts: “We have compiled a group of world class presenters” that make up over 50% of the sessions to ensure the highest quality sessions around. Mix in a great combination of local talent and participants walk away with their minds blown and inspired to make real change in their classrooms. EdTechTeam makes sure that there is a list of experts and innovation specialist to help lead teachers down the pathways of impactful integration.

Between sessions there is a break that allows for networking, sharing of ideas, the chance to pick the brain of a favorite presenter, and the creation of relationships that often lead to life-long friendships.

With over 50 Summits in the works for next year, including iOS Summits - there is sure to be an event near you! Come for the learning but stay for the fun. Follow the hashtag #gafesummits until you can attend a summit or become a summit groupie like many people I know.

See what the Marin News has to say about GAFE Summits!

To learn more about an upcoming summit, register for an EdTechTeam Summit featuring Google for Education in your region, or contact EdTechTeam about custom professional development and organizational change coaching.

EdTechTeam is a California Benefit Corporation and global network of educational technologists dedicated to improving the world’s education systems using the best technology and learning principles available. EdTechTeam produces Future Ready Schools summits and custom professional development for teachers and school leaders around the globe.


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