Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The New Editing Options in Slides -Check this Out!

Another Awesome Post from Michael Wacker 
Director of Professional Development for EdTechTeam

My curiosity was piqued earlier today when I saw this new advanced image options in slides and drawings via a post from +Jay Atwood 

I was able to spend a few minutes with the new feature and it's tight.

There are some elements of design that I like to use when I am creating slides, designing, banners, headers, sliders, logos, templates etc. I need to be able to overlay images and shapes, as well as create almost transparent objects floating or lightly traced onto the canvas. A simple but useful application, it is now easy to create a watermark for branding on legal documents or presentations. This simple addition of overlays and transparency, when done well, elevates the professional look of a design. This concept can also be used for personalizing, advertising, messaging, copyright, etc.

Even though you can't use this new image editing feature in Google Docs -  there is a great feature built into all of the Core Apps.  Chances are you may not be using it, and it's seriously awesome. It is called Web Clipboard, it is easy to use, and it can generate a history of your object and text "copy pastes" in Google Apps.

The steps are simple:
  1. Open a Slide or Drawing
  2. Insert Image
  3. Click on Image Options
  4. Once you have modified your image, go to edit, web clipboard and copy to web clipboard
  5. Open Document
  6. Go to edit, web clipboard and choose the Top Shape in the list (note: may take a second to load)
  7. You now can copy individual objects from the drawing and directly into your doc, including #autoawesome and masked image objects. 

Note: if you choose "copy entire drawing" you will not be able to select individual objects once in the doc.

Below is an example I quickly made for a Welcome slide, packet, or brochure.

This great new feature will make it easy to bring a more professional look to the items you create in Google Apps. 


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